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The Joys of Having Space

In the last couple weeks I noticed I've been using the word space a lot. Clearing SPACE, holding Space, preparing Space, having Space!!

This morning I went for a little hike. I was a bit in my head with all kinds of ideas I had and things I want to do. When I stopped and looked up at all the golden hills and brushy plants surrounding me I had a huge sigh of relief. I instantly felt SPACE. I took in a deep breath of this space and felt so grateful for it!

It's interesting to reflect on my time in India last year, mainly in Mumbai. Our surroundings DO affect us! Sometimes I put myself in places that I know are challenging, because I want to see how strong I am. I want to see that I can still be amazing and happy and healthy and powerful in any situation. NEWSFLASH: We do not live in isolation and our surroundings do affect us! One of the feelings of living in Mumbai last year was the feeling of a lack of space and that I need to protect whatever space I do have.

The outside world influences our internal world. The lack of physical space was internalized showing itself beyond physicality! It was hard for me to find space in-between my thoughts. I noticed my breathing became more stifled and less expansive. There is barely any stillness in Mumbai and in turn there was barely any stillness in myself last year. Every moment, every corner is filled with someone, something, the heat, the pollution, the smells, the honking.

So this morning was just another reminder to breathe. Breathe deep, long breaths and create internal space. Clean, spacious land is a LUXURY and not everyone has it.

I relish in this space, I take care of my space, and I take care of myself as a part of this space.

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