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I LOVE being ALIVE! It's a miraculous experience and I whole-heartedly enjoy the various colors and landscapes that is this life. I enjoy the simple things like staring at the ceiling, smelling orange zest, walking barefoot in mud, pranks, listening to the breeze move through the leaves, cereal at any time of the day, opening windows, and on and on. I also enjoy the more complex things like learning how to live out my fullest potential here on this planet!! (still working on this one). 

My passion for EXPLORATION, adventure, variety and joy guide me moment by moment.  As someone who travels, lives, and works all over the world, my eclectic experience of life fully embraces diversity and helps me know the beauty and possibilities present for us in every situation. 


Having a deep connection with my SPIRITUALITY keeps me grounded in the transcience of all things, which gives me perspective, compassion, gratitude, and a sense of humor. I believe each situation, regardless of how painful, is here to support our growth and our truest expression of our unique selves. We each have our own lessons to learn in our own special way, and I say DO YOU BABY!!! Make up your own rules and follow your heart!

With a B.A in psychology from UCSD, many years of various dance training, yoga certification, a strong spiritual practice, experiences both teaching and studying art, and working in the art department within the film industry led me to come into Expressive Arts as the natural next step. I received my Master's degree from the pioneers of this field at the European Graduate School. I am so excited to share EMERGING Expressive Arts work with all of you, as I know it's power to help us cultivate healthy ways of BEING in the world, so we can live holistic lifestyles that burst with energy, passion, ALIVENESS, meaning, connection, nourishment, freedom and openness for change and growth!

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