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Creative Constellations

Are there many moving parts in your world that you are trying to order and see how they all fit together? Are you too zoomed into any particular project and need some greater perspective on your overall vision? Drawing from the foundations of Constellations by founder Bert Hellinger, here is an activity you can try in order to bring more clarity into your life. But first, let me give you a bit of background.

Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and former priest, developed this method in the late 20th century. It offers a unique perspective on family systems and the interconnectedness of individuals within them. Constellations, initially used within the family system and called ‘Family Constellations’, are based on the belief that our family systems and ancestral influences have a profound impact on our lives, relationships, and well-being. According to Hellinger's teachings, unresolved issues, entanglements, and traumas within our family system can manifest as challenges and difficulties in our own lives.

Building on the success of family constellations, Hellinger expanded the approach to encompass a broader range of systems beyond just families. This led to the development of systemic constellations, which explore various interconnected aspects of a person's life, such as relationships, organizations, teams, cultural backgrounds, and more. Systemic constellations are based on the understanding that individuals are deeply interconnected within larger systems and that the well-being of an individual is influenced by the dynamics and entanglements present in these systems. The approach draws on principles from systems theory, psychology, and indigenous wisdom to explore and address these dynamics.

So how does it work?

In a systemic constellations session, a facilitator creates a space where individuals can gain insights into the hidden dynamics and systemic patterns that may be affecting their lives. The process typically involves the use of representatives, who stand in for relevant elements of the system, such as family members, organizational roles, or abstract concepts. Through the physical representation of the system, including the spatial arrangement of representatives, the facilitator guides the exploration of relationships, emotions, and underlying patterns. This allows the hidden dynamics and entanglements to become visible and provides an opportunity for the individual to gain new perspectives and experiences. The goal of systemic constellations is to bring awareness to the unconscious influences and systemic loyalties that may be impacting an individual's life. By acknowledging and honoring the systemic dynamics, individuals can find greater clarity, understanding, and potential pathways for healing and resolution.

How can you use it in your life?

Imagine you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to focus your energy and attention. You have multiple responsibilities, interests, and commitments pulling you in different directions. You want to gain clarity and understand how to prioritize your time and resources effectively. What can you do?

1) Create a quiet and sacred space where you can engage in the process of this Creative Constellation. Take a moment to get grounded, breathing in and out slowly, while feeling yourself becoming more and more present.

2) With your eyes closed see if there is an image or symbol that comes to mind, such as a spiral, a circle, a maze, a map, a heart, etc. Using a piece of paper draw this symbol. This will act as the container or ‘stage’ for the constellation to unfold.

3) On another piece of paper write down the different aspects of your life that are whirling around in your mind like, work, relationships, personal growth, hobbies, health, shame, a specific person, a location etc. These objects can be tangible or intangible such as emotions or desires.

4) When you feel ready, take a walk around your space and intuitively choose representative objects that embody these various aspects of your life. These can be small objects like crystals or photos, or anything else that pops out at you within the space.

5) Place each representative in the space, leaving room for movement and interaction. Arrange the constellation in a way that feels correct. Step back and observe the constellation before you. Notice the position of each representative and their relationship to one another. Allow your intuition to guide you as you adjust their placement to reflect the current dynamics in your life. Trust that your inner wisdom will guide the process.

6) Take a moment to connect with each representative and express your thoughts and feelings. Share your concerns, desires, and questions with them. Engage in a dialogue, allowing the representatives to communicate their needs and priorities to you. This can be done through writing or speaking out loud.

7) Pay attention to any insights or sensations that arise as you witness the interactions within the constellation. Notice the proximity and distances between representatives, as well as any shifts or movements that occur. These visual cues may offer valuable insights into the priorities and interplay of different aspects of your life.

8) As you engage with the representatives and observe their interactions, a clearer picture of your priorities may emerge. You might notice that certain representatives take up more space or attract your attention, indicating areas that require more focus and nurturing. Or, you may discover aspects that have been overshadowed or neglected, highlighting the need for realignment.

With a refreshed understanding of your priorities, you will probably feel called into inspired action. Reflect on the insights gained during the constellation and consider how you can align your time, energy, and resources accordingly. Set actionable goals and intentions for each aspect of your life, keeping in mind the balance and harmony you wish to cultivate. This Creative Constellation offers a transformative process that requires openness, curiosity, and trust. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom that arises. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you navigate the complexities of your life. Remember, the insights gained from the Creative Constellation are not fixed and can evolve as your life unfolds. Regularly revisit the constellation to reassess and realign your priorities as needed. Trust the unfolding and you will find clarity and direction in the dance of your life.

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