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expressive arts therapy

Unveiling the Magic in Everyday Life

Image by Kyle Brinker


Our Expressive Arts journey invites you to TRUST in your inner wisdom and to relish in the BEAUTY that is here for you in each moment.

Identify, Express & Embody

what matters most to your heart.

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1-1 Sessions

I'm here to support you with anything and everything. Through Expressive Arts Therapy we navigate life's complexities and rediscover your inner strength and creativity.


In this 1.5 hour online session we focus on your unique creative process. This means you don't need any artistic skills to benefit—just a willingness to explore!

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Express Yourself

In our session we use painting, sound, improvisation, writing, theater, photography, film, ritual, movement, nature, and any other creative modality you can think of! Combining yoga practices, breathwork, somatic awareness, embodiment tools, mindfulness, and art as therapy unites the body, mind and soul into a holistic and creative way of life that feels truly ALIVE! Re-connect with yourself, your relationships, and the world around you, remembering your naturally radiant way of BEING!

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?


Why Choose Expressive Arts Therapy?

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Expressive Arts gives us many tools that help us access many different layers of ourselves as opposed to traditional talk therapy, where our main outlet is verbal. The use of different modalities allows for a richly holistic and textured approach to healing and discovery.

  • Move from inaction to action

  • Reduce stress & anxiety so you can feel calm & peaceful

  • Create clarity out of confusion

  • Transform fear into excitement

  • Use anger to find acceptance

  • Let go of control and embrace trust

  • Release unhelpful patterns and allow change

  • Turn separation into connection and intimacy

  • Feel abundant instead of overwhelmed

  • Embrace your chaos in order to find purpose & direction

  • Discern between depletion and nourishment

  • Release doubt and practice self-esteem

  • Permit yourself to feel joy!

  • Reduce comparisons and enjoy your unique self!

  • Identify inner strengths and resources

  • Find what gives your life meaning

  • Release shame and develop understanding and compassion

  • Live with integrity and alignment with YOUR values

  • Vision development

  • Uncover new possibilities from narrow perspectives

  • Live with wonder!

  • Feel the connection to something greater than the self

  • Creative problem-solving in sticky situations

  • Practice presence

  • Release perfectionism and enjoy the process 

  • Give yourself permission to fail and have fun experimenting

  • Let go of inhibitions and free your expression

  • Develop intuition & courage to follow your gut instincts

  • Embrace your inner artist and try new things 

  • Connect to your body and cultivate somatic awareness

... just to name a few


luz 4.jpg

"I had a very beautiful and unique experience with Karen. We worked on a difficult topic and I had new and interesting insights about myself and what really bothers me in the situation I was in. The way of approaching the fears and insecurities with expressive art therapy was a very powerful and positive experience. With Karen's help it felt playful and easy. She made me feel very comfortable with whatever I was doing. I felt like a kid again. The feeling when you‘re just enjoying your ideas while playing not thinking about how others would think about you. I would definitely recommend this experience."

Eliza, Italy


Expressive Arts Therapy M.A

Dance Movement Therapy, Yoga RYT


With a B.A in psychology from UCSD, many years of various dance training, yoga certification, a strong spiritual practice, experiences both teaching and studying art, and working in the art department within the film industry - my life led me to Expressive Arts. It was the most natural next step. I feel privileged to have received my Master's degree from the pioneers of this field at the European Graduate School.


I am so excited to share EMERGING Expressive Arts work with all of you, as I know it's power to help us live with passion, ALIVENESS, meaning, connection, nourishment, freedom and openness for change and growth! Expressive Arts is a path of remembering our essence and our innate wisdom.

Mind  .:.  Body  .:.  Soul


  • Embrace Change

  • Self Discovery

  •  Let Go

  • Develop Trust

  •  Creative Problem Solving  

  •  Transform Fear  

  • Find Inspiration

  • Enhance Clarity

  • Stress Management

  • Life Transitions

  • Vision Development


Expressive Arts Therapy is a playground for stepping into the unknown so you can practice LETTING GO more easily in life. Through the arts we transform uncertainty into adventure, stress into trust, and challenges into your gifts. This work is nourished through experimentation and by saying YES to getting out of your comfort zone (or at least an "ok, I'm willing to try it once"). It is deep, beautiful, soul-stirring work that can surprise us, challenge us, and bring joy to the process of change (which is such a relief because change can be scary!)

Artist in Studio
Image by Ryoji Iwata

For Who?

This work can be used with anyone, in any situation. If you are reading this right now, there is probably a reason why. Either your curiosity, desire, or a difficulty brought you here and you want to do something about that. Engaging in the arts helps us take action towards the things we truly care about. If you are unsure about this process feel free to CONTACT ME! Say hello, let me know what you are questioning and we can feel it out together. 

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Creative Work

I work with clients from all over the world!

Meet me from the comfort of your own home!

Many people ask me - HOW DOES THIS WORK ONLINE? Beautifully! Although getting together in person is a lot of fun, doing expressive arts together online is just as effective. The constraints of working online can often force us to get even more creative and develop greater flexibility in order to adapt to what is available in our surroundings. The other great thing about doing this online is that you are working in YOUR environment which allows this work to integrate more effectively into your daily life. In our sessions, we transform your familiar space into a sacred space.  You will be surprised at how much beauty and magic is present in corners you usually walk by everyday ;).

Where Do We Work?

"Art-making in expressive arts therapy means entering into a liminal or transitional space in which the play of possibilities leads to surprising results. One can only participate in this space by letting go of the need to know and control what is happening"

-Paolo J. Knill,

a founder of Expressive Arts Therapy

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