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My love of using my hands led me to India where I studied silversmithing. Combining various organic materials with the timeless, sturdy, and enchanting silver, I create organic, imperfect, and ritualistic adornments. What I love about jewelry is that it is living art. It's art that gets to have a life out in the world, on my body, connecting me to ancient people and practices from around the globe. When I wear jewelry, I bring these ancient parts of myself out to play in our modern day life. Jewelry also helps me feel the power of all the women who came before.

This collection encapsulates the feeling of raw elegance. My hope for those who wear this jewelry is that it remind them to connect to the infinite power that lies in the here and now while also connecting them to those ancient and wise parts within themselves. This jewelry serves as a symbol of beauty in the imperfect, raw, organic, natural flow of life. Feeling its presence touching your skin is a reminder to come back into the present moment and re-connect. 

All Jewelry is handmade, one of a kind, 972 silver and precious stones, sourced from India. Purchase a ready made design or collaborate with me to create a personalized design made just for you!!

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