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15 Exercises to Expand Your Intuition

Carl Jung formally introduced the concept of intuition as one of his psychological functions. Jung classified intuition as one of four primary functions of the human mind, alongside thinking, feeling, and sensing. Intuition, in Jung's framework, is characterized by the ability to perceive information and make connections beyond what is immediately evident through sensory data (sensing), logical analysis (thinking), or emotional assessment (feeling). It involves an innate sense or inner knowing that transcends conscious thought.

For instance, individuals often report having intuitive insights that guide them in decision-making, problem-solving, or creative endeavors. These insights might involve suddenly recognizing a solution to a problem or having a strong feeling about a particular course of action without being able to explain it rationally.

1. Meditation

  • Meditation is a powerful tool for honing your psychic abilities. Find a quiet and comfortable space, focus on a specific psychic skill you want to enhance and visualize yourself using that ability. With regular practice, you may begin to notice an increase in your intuitive insights.

2. ESP Cards

  • ESP cards, featuring simple shapes like circles and stars, are a classic tool for testing and developing psychic abilities. Shuffle the deck and try to intuitively guess the shape on each card. This exercise can help you strengthen your telepathic or clairvoyant skills.

3. Practice Telepathy with a Partner

  • Team up with a willing partner to practice telepathy. Sit in separate rooms and take turns sending and receiving mental messages. This exercise can enhance your ability to connect with others on a psychic level.

4. Dream Journaling for Precognition

  • Dreams can be a gateway to psychic insights, particularly in the realm of precognition. Keep a dream journal by your bedside and set the intention to receive intuitive information about the future through your dreams. Over time, look for patterns or connections between your dreams and real-life events.

5. Aura Observation

  • Developing the ability to perceive auras can be a fascinating psychic journey. Ask a friend to serve as your subject, sit them against a plain background, and attempt to see and interpret the colors and energy fields (auras) surrounding them. This exercise can improve your clairvoyant skills.

6. Intuitive Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

  • Tarot and oracle cards can be used as tools to tap into your intuition. During a reading, clear your mind, draw cards intuitively, and interpret them based on your gut feelings rather than rigid interpretations. With practice, you may find your intuitive reading skills improving.

7. Remote Viewing

  • Remote viewing is the practice of intuitively accessing information about distant or unseen targets. Choose a target you know nothing about, visualize it, and record your impressions. Research the actual target afterward to assess the accuracy of your intuition.

8. Psychometry

  • Psychometry involves reading the energy of objects. Have a friend lend you a personal item, hold it, and intuitively sense information about its owner. Share your impressions with your friend to validate your insights.

9. Aura Photography

  • Aura cameras can capture images of a person's aura. Before the photo, focus on predicting the colors you expect to see in the aura. Compare your predictions to the actual aura photo to evaluate your intuitive abilities.

10. Symbol or Number Meditation

  • Select a symbol or number that holds personal significance to you.

    • Meditate on this symbol or number, envisioning it in your mind's eye.

    • Ask for intuitive insights or guidance related to your life or a specific question as you meditate on the symbol or number.

    • Trust any impressions or messages that come to you during the meditation.

11. Energy Healing

  • Learn a form of energy healing, such as Reiki or Qi Gong.

    • Practice sending healing energy to yourself or others.

    • Pay attention to any intuitive insights or sensations you experience during the healing session.

12. Automatic Writing

Sit in a quiet space with pen and paper or a computer.

  • Clear your mind and ask a specific question or focus on a topic.

  • Begin writing without consciously thinking about what you're writing.

  • Let the words flow spontaneously and see if any intuitive insights or answers emerge.

13. Crystal Gazing (Scrying)

  • Obtain a crystal ball or other scrying tool.

    • Relax your mind and gaze into the crystal's surface.

    • Let your thoughts drift and see if any images, symbols, or messages form within the crystal.

14. Animal Communication

  • Spend time observing animals in nature or your environment.

  • Quiet your mind and try to connect with the animals on an intuitive level.

  • Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or messages you receive from the animals.

15. Astral Projection

  • Learn and practice astral projection techniques, such as guided meditation or lucid dreaming.

  • Attempt to project your consciousness to different locations or dimensions.

  • Keep a journal to document your experiences and intuitive insights during astral journeys.

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