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How can I best support you?


20-30 min


Wondering what Expressive Arts is all about? This call will give us a chance to get to know each other and to see if it's a good fit. You can ask me any questions you'd like and tell me about yourself and the topic you would like to explore together. 



1.5 hr

$120 (1st session $80)

Ready to dive into your inner world with a loving collaborator by your side? Deepen your self-awareness and identify resources that can be applied to challenging life situations. We work within various artistic modalities like Movement, Drama, Painting, Writing, Ritual, Sound, Photography, and Yogic practices, using spontaneity and intuitive explorations to nurture inspiration, creativity, and awareness. Explore your own style of navigation through this creative territory, discovering from the inside out what works for you! I will support you in following your natural expression while also helping you to reflect on new learnings. This creative journey reveals both beautiful works of art and insight that you can carry back with you into your everyday life. 


2 hr

Inquire for price

Looking for a unique way to connect your community? During these specially tailored workshops participants explore their creativity, while also bonding and collaborating with others. Expressive Arts workshops have the amazing ability to bridge gaps between any divisions, bringing your community together in a more intimate and meaningful way.  Participants leave with tangible and observable reminders of their immersive and transformative time together.


These are a great addition to any existing wellness, healing, or art retreats. Contact me for private group inquires.

To participate in an upcoming group session click here to view the schedule.


1 hr

$90 (1st session $60)

Stuck on a project or looking for support in attaining a specific outcome? Let's take the Expressive Arts approach to get you through your creative blocks and keep your project moving forward. Adding due dates, budgets, and expectations can create 'blocks', leaving us feeling stuck or like we are forcing something that just doesn't feel quite right. Together we will juice up the inspiration and bring the JOY back to the project! This is goal-oriented, creative, developmental support for any individual, artist, performer, agency, event or production. Together we can conceptualize ideas, play with them, see what sticks or doesn't, and develop structure. Let's create a concept you feel connected to and excited to share with others!


*Inquire for customized schedule*

Want to stay focused & inspired? Having someone else present to check in with works wonders to help us stay on track. With creative accountability you will receive a mixture of 1-1 sessions, check-ins, inspirations, tasks, embodied activities, and short art breaks throughout the day and week to help you stay motivated, intentional, and aligned with your mission! We will work together to create a personalized support schedule tailored towards your unique needs. 


Inquire for price

Bring magic to your event through artistic performances, rituals, immersive art experiences, & interactive, sensual installations made just for you & your guests! We can transform any theme into a performance art piece, and any space into an experiential laboratory. Delight your guests and bring them together through play! 

1-1 session
Group sesson
Project Development
Creative Accountabilty
Event Planning

**Sliding scale available**

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