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Creative Selfie Time

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

I absolutely love taking photos of myself in those moments where I give myself intimacy. Allowing myself to look deeper. Not at who I was yesterday, not knowing who I will be tomorrow, discovering who I am here in this moment. Checking in. Visiting all the subtle changes in myself that probably only I would notice. The layers of moods. The experiences that have carried me to this point and have nestled into the corners of my body. The simple complexities and complex simplicities that make us human.

These moments are such a gift for me. Taking the time to give myself attention, look with curiosity, and appreciate in wonder. Seducing with knowing. Receiving with care. Approaching myself like an artwork that inspires admiration from all angles. Intrigue that takes my eye close up, far away, and close up again. Witnessing acknowledges that I’m alive. Seeking to liberate the most candid and honest mes that sometimes get lost between here and there. Loving all the faces. Finding the expression of just being. Perpetually unraveling and encountering myself. Holding space for my form to slip and slide through everchanging-ness anyway it wants.

So here is my invitation for some creative selfie time.....


In today’s world, our lives revolve around selfies. Even when we are not actually taking one, we are scanning for the best place to take one, or the perfect moment to grab our phones and put on our pose face. The thing about selfies is that they are often pictures we take to please someone else or to try and come across in a certain way. But what if we turned the tables around a bit and I asked you to take a few selfies, just for you. Think of the selfie as more of a self portrait. If these photos were to tell a story about who you are today, in this moment, what would you want to show, and how would these selfies tell an observer who you are in this moment? Are there any expressions you feel on the inside, that you may be scared to show on the outside?

So, your selfie challenge is to see yourself as if you were a unique and masterful piece of art! Because you are baby!


Take time to explore yourself through the camera. Imagine yourself as a photographer, looking to express something unexplored. Being an artist is all about finding the beauty and depth, and emotion in the subject (you). So have a kind, creative, and curious eye while exploring your different sides, and pay attention to anything that captures you or moves you.

Find the 4 selfies that FEEL good for you and can express something about your nature. Caption those selfies by filling in the following in any way you want.

1) I see ___________

2) I feel ___________

3) I know ___________

4) I am ___________

Getting into the mood

Find a space, a bedroom or some place where you won’t be interrupted by anyone else. Light a candle if you wish, put on some vibe music and just relax. Then start by just observing yourself through the camera. Selfies should not only look good, but they can also FEEL good. Let the process of taking the selfie be inspiring, be new, be full of surprises. Let yourself explore different backgrounds, props, & moods. Explore different angles of yourself? Do you look the same from every direction? Or do different angles, different parts of your body have something different to express about who you are?

Most importantly, don’t feel like you have to ‘put something on’ for these selfies. There is nobody there but you. Nobody judging which side is your best side, or if your hair is perfect, or how curvy your hips look. So just be real with yourself.


- What shapes do you notice?

- Are the color combinations soothing to you

- Pay attention to lines and contours

- What is your frame? What objects are surrounding you?

- Does your selfie FEEL good?

- Be open. Don’t judge by right or wrong, good or bad

- If a judgement arrives, take a breathe, and ask Love what it would say about it

- Have fun editing! Play with filters, contrast, colors, and all that jazz- if you feel like it!


After this experience take a few minutes to reflect on this selfie experience? How did it feel? Did you learn or notice anything intriguing about yourself? Was this selfie experience similar or different to other selfie experiences? If you have any thoughts, we'd love to hear them. Write your discoveries, challenges in the comments and feel free to share your selfies!

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