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Walking Date

One reason why Rome is my favorite city is because I love to walk! When we walk we see things, we hear things, we smell things, and we bump into things and people that we never would have if we took the car or metro instead. It might not be the most efficient way of traveling, but it definitely has its own charm.

This oh so simple act of walking holds the key to rediscovering the extraordinary within the ordinary. As we move through the world, our steps become an invocation, an invitation to enter the magical realm that brings us into intimacy with the moment.

Walking is more than just getting from here to there; it is a pilgrimage that awakens our senses, aligning us with the pulsating heartbeat of existence. With each step, our eyes become seekers, attuned to the hidden symphony of colors, shapes, and textures that make up our world. We remember to stop and wonder at the world that unfolds around us—the delicate dance of sunlight through leaves, the timeless stories that are remembered in ancient stones, and the rhythm of all beings walking alongside us.

Our bodies become vessels of awareness, attuned to the subtle interplay of space, time, and energy. With each step, we navigate through the physical and metaphorical landscapes, sensing the nuances of our surroundings and our relationship to them.

Walking also grounds us in the present moment, anchoring us to the Earth beneath our feet. As we move forward, we feel the gentle resistance of the ground, the texture of the path beneath us. We become aware of the sensations that arise within our bodies—the sway of our limbs, the beating of our hearts, and the flow of our breath becoming more and more embodied with each step.

As we move through city streets, parks, and vast landscapes, our perspective widens. We witness the architecture that humans have erected, the diverse nature that coexists with us, and the ever-changing sky that moves along with us. We recognize that we are part of a greater whole, interconnecting lives and stories. Walking is also a gentle gift that nourishes our bodies and opens us up to serendipitous encounters. It leads us down unexplored paths, revealing hidden gems, enchanting vistas, and encounters with strangers who become friends and remind us how beautiful our humanity is. It is in these chance encounters and discoveries that the magic of walking really shines, reminding us of the infinite surprises and connections that await us when we venture forth with an open heart and a curious spirit. Don’t be scared to put your Google maps away, and let yourself get lost! Take yourself out for a walking date

Activity: Mapping the Journey Materials Needed:

  • Sketchbook or paper

  • Camera or smartphone

  • Optional: Drawing materials (pencils, pens, colored markers)


1. Choose a location for your walking date that intrigues you—a new city, neighborhood, park, or landmark.

2. As you go on your walking date, be mindful of your surroundings. Observe the details, notice interesting sights, and absorb the atmosphere.

3. During your walk, find moments of inspiration that resonate with you—a unique building, a beautiful tree, a graffiti mural, or any element that catches your attention.

4. Stop at these moments of inspiration and take a moment to reflect. Connect with the energy of the place and allow yourself to be inspired by its essence.

5. Open your sketchbook or take photos starting to create a visual map of your journey. Begin by sketching the landscape, adding details of the elements that captured your interest. Feel free to include drawings or quotes from the people you encountered, landmarks, or any other significant features.

6. Use your creativity to add colors, patterns, textures or symbols that evoke the emotions and sensations you experienced during your walk. Let your intuition guide your artistic expression.

7. If you have a camera or smartphone, take photos of the places or moments that inspired you. Print or develop them later to include in your artistic map.

8. As you continue your walk, allow yourself to be open to new inspirations and surprises along the way. Notice how the landscape and atmosphere change as you move through different areas.

9. Once you complete your walk, find a peaceful spot to sit down and reflect on your map. Take a few moments to contemplate the journey, the moments you captured, and the emotions they evoke within you.

Finally, take a step back and observe your map as a whole. Reflect on the connections, patterns, and themes that emerge from your artwork. Consider what insights or revelations arise from your experience and the artistic expression of your walking date.

This expressive arts activity is about capturing the essence of your journey through artistic interpretation. Allow yourself to freely express and explore the emotions, sensations, and connections that the walking date inspired within you.

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