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Updated: Jun 7, 2023

It's me Karen. I'm here. And here is my 'First' post. Firsts can be overwhelming and daunting. Firsts often contain a hidden desire for perfection. It's helpful for me to look back sometimes when taking my 'first' or next steps. I look back to see all the moments, both small and big, that have led me to this next step. It calms me to notice that I'VE ALREADY STARTED!! Starting things isn't just about taking action. Starting is also about the preparation and the invisible energetic work that comes before the action itself! What did it take to get me here? Who did I need to meet along the way that inspired me towards my next step? What cosmic information did I need to receive, that allowed me to take one step more?

If we could view these FIRSTS -First day at a new job, First investor pitch, First child, First time riding a bike, First time trying to learn how to play an instrument- as just a continuation of what already is, we can see there is already momentum steering us in certain directions.

What are some significant "firsts" in your life that come to mind? It could be anything from personal milestones to professional achievements or creative endeavors. How do you typically approach "firsts"? Do you feel a pressure for perfection or a sense of excitement and adventure? Take a moment to reflect on the journey that has led you to this point in your life. What are some pivotal moments, encounters, or experiences that have shaped your path? Consider the invisible work and preparation that goes into starting something new. What are some examples of the energetic and mental groundwork you have laid before taking action? How can you view your current "firsts" as a continuation of the momentum already present in your life? How does this perspective shift your understanding of progress and growth? Embrace these questions as an opportunity to gain insight into your own journey, celebrate the steps you've already taken, and find inspiration for the next exciting "firsts" that lie ahead. Remember, it's a continuous flow of experiences that shape who we are and where we're going.


Welcome to my blog, and my journey- just a continuation of all the moments that have brought us here. I'm so excited to keep taking steps forward, and I can't wait to collaborate, laugh, dance, make weird noises, and roll around on the floor with you.

Big Hugs and kisses


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