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Unveiling the Magic in Everyday Life

Image by Kyle Brinker

You gorgeous being, You!


Our Expressive Arts journey invites you to TRUST in your inner wisdom and to relish in the BEAUTY that is here for you in each present moment. It is my honor to help you identify, express, and embody what MATTERS MOST to your heart.

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expressive arts therapy

.: Painting .:. Movement .:. Sound .:. Theater .:. Writing .:. Photography .:. Ritual .:. Yoga .:. Play :.


Expressive Arts Therapy M.A

Dance Movement Therapy Dip, Yoga RYT


Expressive arts is a playground for stepping into the unknown so you can practice LETTING GO more easily in life, transforming uncertainty into adventure. This work is nourished through experimentation, intuition, and serious PLAY! It is deep, beautiful, soul-stirring work that can surprise us, delight us, and bring us to our knees.


Combining yoga practices, breathwork, somatic awareness, embodiment tools, mindfulness, and art as therapy unites the body, mind and soul into a holistic and creative way of life that feels truly ALIVE! Re-connect with yourself, your relationships, and the world around you, remembering your naturally radiant way of                                    


Mind  .:.  Body  .:.  Soul

  •  Transform Fear  

  • Embrace Change

  •  Let Go

  • Self Discovery

  • Develop Trust

  •  Creative Problem Solving  


  • Find Inspiration

  • Enhance Clarity

  • Stress Management

  • Life Transitions

  • Vision Development


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Project Development


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Stay With It!

Creative Accountability

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Explore & Share!

Group Sessions


Create Magic!

Event Planning

Telehealth services available

Share the love. Share the joy. Share the arts.

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client reviews

"Karen is magical. She helped us devise a play from a painting by simply applying her magical therapy which helped open our minds and hearts creatively. With her help we could prepare a play within 3 days and perform it. It got so much appreciation and wouldn't have been possible without Karen's help. She is highly creative and can create wonders. I loved to be guided by her and it taught me how you can just look at the art as it is and let your body and mind flow with it, coming up with something beautiful. Karen is love. It was a wonderful experience to be around her. She is filled with positivity and good vibes. Blessed to know such a beautiful soul❤"

Kirandeep, India

"Art-making in expressive arts therapy means entering into a liminal or transitional space in which the play of possibilities leads to surprising results. One can only participate in this space by letting go of the need to know and control what is happening"

-Paolo J. Knill,

a founder of Expressive Arts Therapy

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